BIM Services

Building Information Modelling/ Virtual Construction modelling involves developing 3D Virtual Engineering Models of buildings/ structures, which enables effective planning before construction and provides a collaboration platform for all the project stakeholders. Popularly it is said – let us construct twice, once ‘virtually’ & second time ‘actually’ at site.

3D models created by us enhance trade coordination, support estimation as a parallel process and serve as a connection point for downstream 4D & 5D BIM applications. 2D drawings, plans, sections, and elevations at any point are just a by-product from the system, which are totally consistent.

  • Improving planning and coordination among architects, engineers, project managers and project owners.

  • Reducing risks and errors.

  • Eliminating discrepancies and interferences.

  • Minimizing frequent emergency meetings.

  • Reaching optimum design alternative.

  • Avoid reworks at project site.


4D Building Information Modelling (4D BIM) is a process of intelligent linking of various elements of a 3D digital model of a project with schedule (or time) related information. It provides precise and useful construction project information well in time with respect to planning, scheduling, monitoring & control of the project. Helps execution of the project within scheduled time.


A 3D digital model of any project having details of construction schedule and cost related information of each element is called 5D BIM simulation model. This provides assistance in material management, cash flow management & project cost control, on a real time basis. Helps execution of the project within budgeted cost.