About Us

Founded in 1999 in the UK, with offices in Egham (UK) and New Delhi (India). SDPL has proven experience in all the engineering aspects relating to manufacturing, including but not limited to Process Design, Facility/ Utility Design, Project Management, Construction Management, and Sustainability Consulting.

With the thrust on the adoption of digitization & cloud technology in construction management processes by the UK & EU Governments, SD Projects has adopted the same and for this purpose partnered with one of the pioneering Building Information Modelling (BIM) consulting & services organization - Mansycom Consultants Private Ltd, New Delhi, India (www.mansycom.com), an organization providing BIM services i.e. virtual design & construction technology services in architectural, engineering and construction domain for the purpose of improving planning, spatial coordination of design, estimating and optimizing construction management processes for construction and infrastructure projects, on an outsourcing model. This partnership helps us to provide our services at most competitive fee, excellent quality, faster turnaround time (on account of time

Meet the Team
Founder & Director
Shib Das

Shib has been the founder of SDPL for 20 years. He has a background in chemical engineering and has expertise in design management, construction management and project management.

Principal BIM Consultant
Suresh Gupta

Mr. Gupta has a career spanning more than 45 years in construction management, IT services & Building Information Modelling technology. A pioneer in introducing 3D-4D & 5D BIM technology in Indian & the global engineering sector, way back in the year 2006.

Engineering Manager
Raymond Wong

Raymond has over 15 years of construction and design management experience. Including signature railway projects in the U.S., China, Hong Kogn and the U.K.. Raymond also is a certified BIM Manager and an ISO 19650 certified. Knowledgeable about working under CDE.