Tendering And Procurement
During the tendering stage we work with Client¡¯s procurement department to manage and execute the entire process. If the Front End Engineering has been done correctly then a ¡°Procurement Strategy¡± would have been developed already during the Front End Engineering stage and probably revised again during the Design stage.
The procurement strategy and approach in international work can have a major impact on the project¡¯s cost, quality and schedule. [Procurement, refers to the purchasing and logistics activities involved with materials, supplies and equipment and also include services such as engineering, program management, construction and subcontracting etc.]
During this stage, a shortlist of prequalified Contractors would be drawn up who would be invited to bid. We remain responsible for the preparation and issuance of the ¡°Request for Proposal¡±, develop and compile all documents needed such as contracts and technical specifications. We would advise Client which form of Contract would be most cost effective. We also answer all query from the bid participants and show them around the site and facilities if required.
Bid cost can be substantially reduced by thorough preparation of good design package, clarity of specification and through selecting the right contract model and skilled negotiation.
We evaluate carefully all quotations, make comparison table on a similar basis and help our clients during contract negotiation and contract closing process.
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