Project Initiation
Projects are means to an end. Projects happen in response to a business need. The business need may be for anything from expansion of a current facility to constructing a grass root facility. In general only a very senior people in the organization (e.g. member of Board) will have the authority to initiate a project and appoint a Project Sponsor, from among a group of Stakeholders. The project sponsor will generally be a senior person in the organization who has the ¡°big picture¡± of the business need and also has a direct interest in the success of the Project. The objective of project Initiation is to take the ideas and requirements of the stakeholders and convert them into a formal document in a way that clearly establish:
1. The business needs.
2. How the company will benefit if the need is satisfied.
3. The scope of the project.
4. How long it would take to complete and when it should start.
5. How can the project be funded and executed.
6. The organization that has to be set up to execute the project.

Most of our client would have their internal processes or standards as to how the final outcome of the Initiation Stage is reported as the data are usually sensitive in nature. One way to describe such outcome would be in the form of ¡°Final Financial & Technical Feasibility Report¡±.
Company such as our¡¯s would be involved midway through the preparation of the Initial planning either as a Consultant or as Project Manager, once a Confidential Disclosure Agreement has been signed by both the parties. The Owners would have carried out at least steps 1 and 2.
The Project Manager/ Consultant who would represent us in this Initial Planning must not only be technically savvy but politically astute to walk the minefield of conflicting opinions of senior level clients and have high communication, problem solving and above all leadership skills to influence this Project Initiation stage.
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