Owners Engineering Services
Many Engineering Companies find it difficult to support every Construction Project at different parts of the world with their own Engineering and Project Management staff all of the time. Some other Companies do not even maintain their own Engineering and Project Management Staff as they embark on capital projects infrequently. Owners increasingly turn to Construction Contractors for assistance with both Design and Construction.
However, without an effective Owners Engineering Organisation, the possibilities of missing construction targets and consequent cost up charges are very high. We offer a cost effective service that bridges the gap between the Owners expectations and Contractors capabilities. We can augment the Owners Engineering Organisation by providing Program, Project or Construction Management Services.
The important benefit of having an organization, that represent the Owner in Construction Projects are:
.Savings of Project Capital Cost
.Shorter Schedule
.Achieve better Construction Quality
.Maintain Construction Site Safe and Secure

The Owners Engineering Service is a viable solution to improved Project Execution when internal resources are not available for current project load.
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