Front End Engineering
(Also called Front End Engineering Design, Conceptual Engineering, Preliminary Engineering, etc.) Front End Engineering further develops the technical parts of the ¡°Final Financial and Technical Feasibility Report¡± into a viable project (technical) proposal.
At this stage, we would be fully involved. Parallel to the Front End Engineering activities, Client would further study the financial viability and strategic requirement of the project. All the reports, combined together will provide the Client a very clear picture of the benefits and risks of the executing the project so that he can take the decision as to proceed with the project or not.
Depending on the nature of the project, e.g., a R&D building project or a process plant, etc., the details inside the Front End Engineering would vary but in general some specific questions would be answered, such as:
1.Confirmation of the business needs.
2.The most appropriate technology
3.Risks and mitigation plan
4.Capital Cost Estimate (+ 15% accuracy)
5.Master schedule
6.Project Execution Strategy/ sourcing strategy
7.Regulatory permit strategy
Above is just a partial list.
Cost of carrying out a good Front End Engineering study falls within 1.5 to 2% of the final capital cost of the project. However, the benefit of carrying out a Front End Engineering study cannot be overemphasized. Studies after study have shown the effectiveness of Front End Engineering in reducing final capital cost, shortening of schedule and improving ROI. Please visit our download section to download a report produced by CURT that provides the Owners¡¯ perspectives on Front End Engineering.
In China, due to regulatory reasons, we will work with a Local Design Institute (LDI) to produce drawings and specifications needed to complete the study but the concept of the design would come from our technical staff. The management of the production of Front End Engineering booklet would be totally under our control.
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