Large Warehouse Design and Construction Management
Over last few years we have been involved in Design and Construction Management of 3 very large warehouses, total area over 115,000m2 and currently involved in the construction of a 60,000m2 warehouse in China. All of these Warehouses are 13.8 meters high, fully racked with a real time product information system. These are also protected against fire hazard as per NFPA 13 standard. The foundations of these warehouses are built to take uplift forces of fully loaded racks as per seismic zoning. Therefore, we have learned a thing or two about what type of design makes a good Warehouse and how to build quality in both design and construction, how to schedule for a fast startup, etc. and above all how to realize the best value for money. So, if you are thinking about building a new warehouse, we can offer you a complete service, from concept to handover including internal racking and product management system or any of the following as standalone service:
.Feasibility study
.Preparation of performance specification
.Front End Engineering
.Detail Design (through partner Design Institute in China)
.Tendering and Contractor selection
.Construction supervision and handover
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