Design Engineering
During the Detail Design stage, the concepts developed earlier (during FEE stage) are converted to detail drawings and specifications. Again for regulatory requirements in China, we will work with a ¡°Local Design Institute¡± though we would keep total management control and accountability for the outcome. As the design progresses, we conduct ¡°Design Reviews¡± to establish the robustness of the design.
Detail Design stage offers a huge opportunity to reduce the capital cost by curtailing ¡°over design and over specification¡±. Our objective remains ¡°best value design and procurement¡±. From our experience, a ¡°good design¡± is not enough to get competitive bids back from the contractors. The design package should be prepared in such a way that it contains discrete segments of design thus enabling the Client to invite bids either from a General Contractor or from several contractors, one being given the lead role. At this stage, we will also prepare and submit (or manage a submission of) various documents that are required to obtain Project Planning Permission in China. Cost for the preparation of a good design package and obtain regulatory clearance for the project to start, would fall between 3 to 3.5% of final capital cost.
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