Owners set up their project organization to succeed in delivering the project objectives. However, worldwide anecdotal figures suggest only 1 in 3 projects succeed in delivering their objectives. One of the major causes of project failure is inadequate organization and lack of a project management system. There are many proprietary project management system score cards to check the effectiveness of a project management organization and these tools are used to identify weaknesses and plug the gap where necessary. We have a simple but very effective score card system to identify project management weak spots and a way to predict what the outcome of the project is most likely to be. The project owners can then take appropriate recommended steps to improve effectiveness where needed and thus greatly improve the chances of success. These tools can be used regularly to ensure that the project management organization remain effective during the project delivery period.
We use a four step project management improvement process.
1. System effectiveness checks via score cards.
2. Identify areas where improvements are required and priorities them.
3. Develop improvement plan
4. Help client implement the plan and follow up until improvement is registered.

We offer these effectiveness checks in the following areas:
1. Project Management
2. Front end engineering preparation
3. Construction Management
4. Site safety management
5. Site quality management
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