Construction Management and close out
Assuming that the Front End Engineering and the Detail Design have been completed, reviewed and agreed by all participants in the project and suitable Contractor/s have been engaged, it is time to move to the site of construction. This is the stage when all previous work of concept and design will take concrete shapes and become physical assets. The transformation process is complex and consists of thousands of activities that require continuous attention. If not properly controlled at this stage, a project, even with good preparation beforehand can go out of control costing the investor/client more capital, delay and resulting in inappropriate facilities. If the project can be completed as per Design & specification, within the cost and time and safely without any incident, then in itself, it is a great achievement. We aim to achieve all of these. However, in our experience changes almost always occur during the project despite best preparation beforehand, and it is vital to keep cost and schedule impact of these changes to a minimum.
Areas that require attentions are:
Scope creep
Cost control
Safety and security
Change management
Close out.
Communication (internal and external)
Cost of providing such a service would fall between 3 to 4% of capital cost of the project but saving generated during this stage through good construction management far outweighs the cost incurred.
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