SD Projects Ltd (SDPL) is a specialist Project Management and Owner¡¯s Engineering Service provider with offices in Egham (UK) and Guangzhou (CN). Our Guangzhou organization is a ¡°Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise¡± (WFOE) licensed to offer Project and Construction Management services in China. The Guangzhou office was set up to provide above services to potential Owners and Investors who are substantially located outside of China but intend to make major investment in China.
Our business model is based on the following premises:

      1.Help our clients not familiar with local construction capability to prepare a thorough Front End Feasibility          or Front End Engineering report.
      2.Help client reduce project outcome risks.
      3.Help Client contain the project delivery cost
      4.We offer all of above in a very cost effective manner

1. Front End Reports
A potential Owner would carry out a Front End study before selecting an investment outside the home country. This type of study would include chapters on financing, political climate, operational environment, flexibility to change direction, exit strategy and a project development and execution strategy. We can help Owners develop the project execution strategy (and execute the same if the project goes ahead) through our knowledge of local (Chinese) factors and project management capabilities. For the project to succeed, first hand knowledge of the specific local conditions is essential.

2. Reduce project outcome risks
Construction capabilities and availability of qualified management and technical personnel in China are significantly different from say, USA or Western Europe. Construction safety and facility quality are major risk areas. Potential Owners will need to spend some time assessing the local conditions. If the Owner wants to maintain a high standard of construction safety and expects a high quality outcome, then appropriate project organization must be set up. We have experience of executing projects in China, India, Thailand to International standard of safety and quality. In all three locations, we have worked with local contractors and have been able to impart Owner¡¯s high expectations to the local contractors.

3. Help Client reduce project delivery cost.
This is our only Strategy to remain in the business and grow. Whatever we do during our involvement with the Client is driven by a single objective of doing more with less. A Project is a product made from thousands of decisions and actions from concept through to design and eventually building phases. Each decision and action has a cost attached to it. Therefore, it is vital that all decisions and actions are based on accurate information and thorough option analysis. This is the only way to keep the cost down. We help Project Owners navigate through each of the above phases of the Project with best available data. We support the Project Owners in making the right decision, and as a result we contain Client¡¯s Project Cost.

4. How do we keep our own service cost down?
We employ, when ever possible, local technical resources that support our key Project Managers from the UK. Our local resources are trained to very high standards of Project Execution processes. Therefore, we can offer a very cost effective Project Management Service in comparison to organizations only staffed by ex-pats from USA or Western Europe.

Usually, our fees are more then recuperated though the savings we generate at different phase of the projects through our expertise in Option analysis, Value Engineering, Cost Containment, Scheduling and other Project Management Methodologies.
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