Due to the economic growth, aside of impacts in energy resources, water resources are also under high pressure. While one fifth of world's population lives in China, the country has only 7% of the global water resources, with the aggravation of pollution in some of the biggest basins. The Twelfth Five?Year Plan 2011-2015 targets a 30% of reduction in water intensity usage.

SDPL offers studies of control and supervision of water usage for further reduction. The studies are based on the next two steps:
.Audits for identification of potential water savings
Similar to the energy audits, this type of analysis indicates where is better to focus efforts to achieve maximum water savings, as the results demonstrate with are those facilities with greater range of improvement.
.Design of proposals to reduce water consumption
From the audit results, an evaluation of available saving measures is developed. After a cost-effectiveness analysis, we assess you on how to implement the most profitable.
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