Our team has consolidated experience in Green Building Projects, for design, construction or operation phases. LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is a voluntary program for green building verification, developed by USBGC (US Green Building Council) in 1998. Today, about 50.000 buildings around the word have been awarded with the LEED Certificate (more than 1000 only in China), and the number increases daily. LEED not only helps you boost the building's asset value, but also results in a more environmentally friendly building, with lower operation costs and with more comfort for its users.

We offer our LEED services to Owners, Developers, and Contractors.
.LEED Consultancy services during project's design phase
The successful development of certification depends heavily on a good initial project design. Once the concept design is clear, we ensure that the project takes into account the sustainability criteria established by LEED.
.LEED Consultancy & Construction Project Management during construction
Once a good design is established, only its proper execution can achieve the expected results. We assess the owner through construction phase, and provide supervision and coordination with contractors.
.LEED Special Documentation
We also help you prepare the extra documentation required for some special LEED credits, as Energy Model, Commissioning Reports (we can act as Commissioning Authority, CxA), and all required plans: Indoor Air Quality, Construction Waste Management, Erosion and Sedimentation control, etc.

.Advanced Computational Simulations
Simulations are a valuable knowledge resource. We develop energy simulations, thermal analysis and CFD ventilation analysis as tools to support decision making from the earliest project stages.
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