The fast economic growth that China has experienced during the last decades has lead the country to be the largest primary energy consumer worldwide: from 2006 to 2010, the energy consumption increased 40% yearly. During the last Five Year Plan, the energy intensity decreased 20%, and the new target established by the Twelfth Five Year Plan for 2011-2015 sets the reduction in a 16%.

In SDPL, we have the experience and the knowledge to boost the energy performance of a building or facility.
Our services include:
.Energy Audits
Comprehensive analysis of the facility energy performance and its energy sources: site measurements and billing analysis; assessment of energy saving measures, calculation of potential energy and economical savings.
.Project Management in Energy Savings Projects
Assessment during project design to ensure the right technologies will meet maximum quality. Supervision during construction to ensure that the project will tackle the expected savings.
.Technical assessment in contracts with Energy Services Companies (ESCO)
Establishment of potential energy saving measures, support during the bidding process and assessment to consolidate the right Energy Performance Contract agreement for you.
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